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Hero Doctor helps you to find local private doctors. The appointment times are live, allowing you to book and pay online, at a time that suits you.

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What appointment do I need?

Please choose from one of these appointment types. If you have a health concern or need information, tests or a referral, the best place to start is with a GP appointment.

For prices, please see here

30 minute GP appointment

This is the standard GP appointment. It gives time to understand your problem as well as making sure we are up to date on your medical history. We can prescribe for you and if there is time, we can take blood or send a referral letter if needed.

15 minute GP appointment

This is for minor illnesses only. We are not able to write referral letters or take blood tests within this type of appointment and so additional charges will apply if these are needed.

60 minute psychologist follow-up

Once you have had an initial assessment with Dr Schnack you can use this appointment type to book follow up appointments. If you have not been seen before please call 01865 423 425.

15 minute nurse appointment

Once you have been seen by one of our GPs you may be asked to book a nurse appointment for blood tests, smears, ecgs, pill checks, asthma checks and hearing tests. Our nurses are not able to prescribe.

For immunisations please book a nurse appointment during which the vaccine will be administered. The cost of the vaccine is an additional charge. In the ‘reason for appointment’ box please let us know which vaccine you need.

If you are unsure, please book a 30 minute appointment with a GP and we will take it from there!

How much will I pay?

Our pricing is laid out below.

For detail on our different appointment types please see here

GP appointment (existing patients) £150.00
Psychologist follow-up appointment £160.00
Nurse appointment £60.00
Taxi Medical £40.00
Short GP appointment £40.00
Psychiatrist follow-up £280.00
Hepatitis B vaccination £50.00
Radiology US (1-part) £195.00
Radiology US and injection £295.00
Radiology US and multiple/complex injection £375.00
Mantoux (Nurse) £90.00
First time GP appointment £180.00
Short GP appointment £90.00
Telephone advice £70.00
MMR vaccination £40.00
Short GP appointment £50.00
Flu Vaccine with Nurse (3 years+) £30.00
Medical legal report £120.00
Health & Exercise Programme (12 sessions) £1020.00
Health & Exercise Programme (24 sessions) £2040.00
Health & Exercise Programme (6 sessions) £510.00
HGV Medical £100.00
Telephone advice £85.00
Flu Vaccine with Nurse (3 years+) £20.00
HGV Medical £120.00
Hepatitis B vaccination £90.00

We use The Doctors Laboratory for all pathology and information on pricing can be found on the TDL Pathology website